Communication is always more complicated than we thought - we are often in conversations in which we are not truly talking and listening to one another. While we expect people would understand each other, we just listen to what we want to hear. 

Therefore, Compassionate Communication is an essential interpersonal communication approach that helps us become in our natural state of compassion. It guides us to express ourselves, how we hear others and resolve conflicts at all levels of communication and in diverse situations. 


Connection Before Solution







1. Observe the situation objectively without judgments. 

2. State how the observation is making you feel

3. Connect the observation and feeling with a need

4. Make specific and clear request about what you need 

OUr approach

We aim to provide social and emotional learning (SEL) support to schools, including SEL learning tools, Compassionate Communication school curriculum, professional learning community for teachers and inductions of Compassionate Communication in schools.

Striving to promote

Compassionate Communication in Hong Kong 

JUST FEEL was founded in June, 2018, funded by Good Seed, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. We strive to promote Compassionate Communication in schools so as to encourage children to show their social and emotional needs to one another compassionately. Communication from heart-to-heart can help children understand their own and others’ feelings and needs, and eventually build strong and healthy relationships. 

We started our pilot program in St. Bonaventure Catholic Primary school. We currently build a school environment that is conducive for compassionate communication through providing counselling services and teachers’ training. We continue to look for collaborations with schools. 


Partner Organization 

We have started partnering with Association of Compassionate Communication and Restoration since March, 2018. The association is based in Taiwan, and founded by Dr. Joseph Jror-Serk Cheng who is with over 30 years in the field of community psychiatry and mental health policy. The association is promoting the use of compassionate communication in school, family, workplace and even medical treatment. 

Since 2015, Dr. Cheng has co-organised a series of teachers’ training about compassionate communication with Taichung Education Bureau, aiming to create more communication-friendly schools. In 2018, JUST FEEL Team and Teachers from St. Bonaventure Catholic Primary school visited the “compassionate schools” in Taichung and exchanged views and tools on compassionate communications with local teachers.