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精靈一點:健康人物專訪 敢愛感講

The JUST FEEL team is thrilled to share our philosophy and work through RTHK’s "Healthpedia" recently, which was broadcasted simultaneously on TV and radio.

Our co-founders, Matthew and Raymond, brought our organization's self-designed "JUST FEEL Feelings and Needs Cards" to the program, leading the host to experience sharing feelings through these cards. We hope this helped the audiences and listeners to gain a better understanding of our "Compassionate School Programme" and how different tools can support and empower teachers to help students cultivate the habit of expressing their feelings, thus enhancing their emotional well-being in the long run.

JUST FEEL has been committed to building a Compassionate School Culture with partner schools through a three-year "Compassionate School Programme" that focuses on Prevention, Systematic intervention, and whole-school participation. We aim to bring about systematic impact through three intervention modes: "Support", "Develop", and "Connect".

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