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Compassionate School Programme

 To build an environment that encourages students to be aware of their emotions and to express their feelings and needs in an appropriate way; to provide adequate support for teachers to minimise their burden in the process of promoting Compassionate Communication and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in schools.

How do we enhance the emotional well-being of students?

The core values of our "Compassionate School Programme" aligns with the "Values Education Curriculum Framework (2021)" put forward by the Education Bureau.


Through one to three years of partnership, JUST FEEL join hands with schools to develop a Compassionate School Culture, so that students' emotional well-being could be enhanced.

5 Core Values
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Compassionate School Programme (5 core values + holistic connections), social emotional learning, compassionate communication

Student Experiential Activities

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Parent Workshops

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Parents Day

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Relationship Building

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Social Emotional Learning Curriculum & Toolkits

Holistic Connections
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Teacher Training

Our Compassionate School Programme systematically develops a Compassionate School Culture through Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Compassionate Communication, creating holistic connections among students, parents, and teachers. Parent-child connections are improved, teacher-student relationships are enhanced, and home-school cooperation is strengthened through a range of offerings.

Our Main Theories

Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is a systematic framework that allows students to gradually obtain the 5 SEL components.

SEL-E-01.png Self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, responsible decision-making









Compassionate Expression


Empathetic Listening



Show Appreciation and Care

Compassionate Communication

Developed by psychologist Marshall Rosenberg, Compassionate Communication is now practised in over 60 countries. Through a clear 4-step model, students are able to develop empathy, then establish and maintain positive relationships.

Our Main Theories
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Goals of the Programme

Co-create a compassionate culture in schools and families through a three-stage partnership with schools.

Bring sustainable and systemic impact to schools, so that every student, parent and teacher can benefit from it even after the partnership ends.

Provide tailor-made services and tools that fit schools' needs (adjust offerings according to the needs of schools).

Programme Goals
3 Preventive Approaches

Preventive Approaches

3 Preventive approaches

Connect stakeholders to develop supportive community

  1. Relationship Building Curriculum & Toolkits

  2. Teacher Co-learning Focus Group

  3. Parent Co-learning Focus Group

  4. Student Experiential Activities

  5. Cross-school Activities

student experiential activities
student experiential activities, connect
parent-child workshop, compassionate diary, JUST FEEL
2022.06.28 德信共學小組(低小)第四節.png

Provide school-based support and materials for teachers and parents

  1. School Decoration

  2. Social Emotional Learning Curriculum & Toolkits

  3. SEL Evaluation Scales

  4. Programme Consultation

  5. Communication Tools

compassionate diary, JUST FEEL, communication tool
JUST FEEL, communication tools, cards, diary, booklet, stickers, posters, banners
feelings thermometer, JUST FEEL, communication tool

Develop stakeholders' Attitude, Skills, Knowledge and Habits through training

  1. Lesson Preparation Sessions

  2. Professional Development Training

  3. Parent Workshop

  4. Parents Day Booth

  5. Teacher Lesson Observation

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teacher workshop, JUST FEEL, feelings and needs cards
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workshop, check-in activity


3 Stages of the Compassionate School Programme

Stage 3


Stage 1

Stage 2

3 Stages of CSP
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