Compassionate School Program

 To build an environment that encourages students to be aware of their emotions and to express their feelings and needs in an appropriate way; to provide adequate support for teachers to minimise their burden in the process of promoting Compassionate Communication and Social and Emotional Learning(SEL) in schools.

How does JUST FEEL make impacts in schools?
Teachers training & empowerment

To enable and empower teachers to be more confident, proactive and skilful
to build better connections with students, deal with their emotional needs and resolve their conflicts


focus group training

Co-learning focus group training aims to equip teachers with the skills and mentality of SEL and NVC

Learning outcomes



resolution Skills


Skills responding to

the needs of students and parents

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Ability to Engage students in activities


Knowledge and Skills
on "Class Relationships Building"

Learning environment
re-design consultancy

Learning environment re-design consultancy aims to help core teachers put NVC into school policies and practices

JUST FEEL's trainings are very practical and easy to learn for every teacher.

JUST FEEL's curriculum and tools can help prevent students from conflicts and violence. 

Mr. Lee (Discipline Master)

Principal Ada Cheung


Out of 1000 teachers, over 85% of them agree that
1. Our training helped them to better communicate with students. 
2. They are more confident to understand student's feelings and needs.
3. They want to learn more about Compassionate Communication. 


We provide teachers with comprehensive framework and the materials they need to conduct the class, and empower teachers to improve their teaching technique on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).

What is

Social and Emotional

Learning (SEL)?

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Our Instructional supporting tools

Co-learning focus group training aims to equip teachers with the skills and mentality of SEL and NVC


Scripted Stories

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Lesson powerpoints

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engagement record


Compassionate Communication cards


Role Play Cards


Outcome monitoring
and evaluation

Social and emotional learning (SEL)

 the process through which students acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

how to
bring abstract communication skills down to earth?
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daily life

social and emotional
learning series 
basic emotions
(self awareness) 
  • 5 basic emotions

  • Feelings VS Behaviour

good habits
(self management) 
  • Own your actions

  • Tidy up

interpersonal relationship
(social awareness)
  • develop empathy

  • respect diversity

conflict resolution
(relationship skills)
  • observation VS comment

  • feelings VS thoughts

  • Request VS demand

  • Appreciate your strength

  • Mindfulness

know thyself
(self awareness)
  • goal setting

  • 7 Behaviours to success

goals management
(responsible decision making)
Relationship Building

Traditional class teacher periods focus on daily administrative tasks such as homework collection. "Class relationship building" is the alternative, transforming traditional classroom management, stressing on the relationship building process for a better cohesive bonding in the class. For instance, "dialogue circles" are held where students communicate and share their feelings and needs equally with one another. 



Nurture a
sense of belonging

towards the class 

Cultivate an

open & protected

learning environment 

Develop a

cohesive bonding

in class


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Through series of diverse classroom activities such as experiential exercises, group discussions and role-play, lessons are filled with fun and excitement, at the same time allows student to engage both physically and mentally.

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story telling

Important yet abstract skills for communication and emotional learning are embedded into a number of fun and interesting short stories, through which students could easily understand these skills and connect them with daily life experiences.

Daily Life scenarios

The use of daily life scenarios allows students to make use of their personal experiences in understanding these scenarios, which effectively raises their engagement in class.



As complicated theories are simplified into concrete, easily-memorable steps, students are encouraged to practice communication and emotional skills both inside and outside classroom.

parents empowerment

We provide workshops for parents with useful techniques and concepts on how to communicate with their children in an effective way that is helpful to their mental development.

Parents workshop

Our workshops aim to improve the collaboration between parents & schools, support parent-child communication, and  introduce strategies for resolving parent-child conflicts, which could easily escalate into severe communication problems if not settled properly. These workshops also assist parents in understanding their own communication habits, as well as facilitating the mutual understanding of emotions and needs between parents and children.

Understand the basic

knowledge and skills of Compassionate Communication

be more aware of their communication habits & intention