Transform the communication culture in schools and families to enhance the emotional well-being of children

Empower educators and parents to nurture the next generation on embracing compassionate communication.    

Compassionate School Programme

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Communication is always more complicated than we thought - we are often in conversations in which we are not truly talking and listening to one another. While we expect people would understand each other, we just listen to what we want to hear. 

Therefore, Compassionate Communication is an essential interpersonal communication approach that helps us become in our natural state of compassion. It guides us to express ourselves, how we hear others and resolve conflicts at all levels of communication and in diverse situations. 

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Compassionate School Programme

 To build an environment that encourages students to be aware of their emotions and to express their feelings and needs in an appropriate way; to provide adequate support for teachers to minimise their burden in the process of promoting Compassionate Communication and SEL in schools.

Public Workshops

To support parent-child communication and introduce strategies for resolving parent-child conflicts by learning Compassionate Communication. Our workshops assist participants in understanding their own communication habits, as well as facilitating the mutual understanding of emotions and needs between parents and children.

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Parents and Schools have told us...

School Discipline Master 

Mr Lee

JUST FEEL's trainings are very practical and easy to learn for every teacher.

School Principal

Ada Cheung

JUST FEEL's curriculum and tools can help prevent students from conflicts and violence. 


Compassionate Communication is very useful in dealing conflicts with my daughter.