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Find the latest announcements and news on JUST FEEL's work for emotional education and Compassionate Communication in Hong Kong. 


Catchafire Membership Nomination

7 Sep 2021


Delighted to announce that JUST FEEL has been named as a recipient of a year-long membership to the skilled volunteer program Catchafire, fully funded by Hasbro!

We are thankful for the nomination and the continued support of
JUST FEEL, and contribution in the development of emotional education in Hong Kong!



Forming Major Program Partnership with Jebsen Group

23 August 2021


We are delighted to announce that Jebsen Group Charitable Fund has formed Major Program Partnership with JUST FEEL in July 2021.
Taking a preventive approach, JUST FEEL believes that early detection, intervention and mental health maintenance are fundamental to the emotional wellbeing of students. In the coming future, Jebsen Group
will support our Compassionate School Programme to provide
quality Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to Hong Kong students.


We could not sustain our mission without your support, here's our sincerest gratitude for the generous contribution of Jebsen Group!
Thank you, Jebsen Group!

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We are recruiting 2021-2022 Partner Schools,
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