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RTHK Radio 3 “Brunch with Noreen” (2023.02)

We’re so pleased to be interviewed by Noreen Mir again! On Radio 3’s ’Radio for Good' we discussed how schools and JUST FEEL join hands to support each other and prepare for a smooth transition back to full-day classes!

The Education Bureau has prepared a designated page "Resuming Vibrant Life @School" to support the needs of schools and families — JUST FEEL 感講’s support is also in line with these resources! When whole school days resume, it is normal for us to feel some negative emotions. We hope that in this period of adjustment, we are able to grant each other some space and allow everyone to rebuild a sense of security and familiarity, so that we may learn to regulate our emotions better.

Before anything else, parents and teachers are encouraged to take care of their feelings first, and practice deep listening, only then are we able to have open and respectful conversations with our children and students.

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