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TVB News: Organization advocates for integrating emotion education into regular curriculum

Updated: May 10

JUST FEEL is thrilled to see the Education Bureau's launch of the "4Rs Mental Health Charter," promoting comprehensive and systematic campus mental health. Since 2018, through the "Compassionate School Programme," JUST FEEL has been actively promoting "Compassionate Communication" and "Social-Emotional Learning" to local schools in Hong Kong. Through a whole-school approach, we have partnered with over 30 primary schools, supporting 26,500 students, 6,900 teachers, and 29,600 parents.

We are grateful for TVB News' interview. In JUST FEEL, we believe in prevention through assisting students in developing the habit of expressing feelings and needs. By integrating "Social-Emotional Learning" into the regular curriculum, we encourage all schools to prioritize campus mental health and empower students to embrace "Connection Before Solution"!

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