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There’s also earthquakes in the brain?

Did you find out more about your communication habits in the past week?

This week we will learn how the brain works. It will help us better understand why the 4Ds are hindering communication.

Our brain is like a two storey house: the upper floor is for logical thinking and the lower floor is for emotions.

When a person is calm, the two halves of the brain are well-connected. The person can logically think, receive information efficiently, and properly express oneself.

However, if a person feels that he/she is being attacked or judged, the lower half becomes unstable, like experiencing an earthquake. The whole house is becoming unstable too.

Reducing the use of the 4Ds stabilizes the children’s lower half of their brain. This will increase the feeling of safety to the relationship, thus encouraging their expression.

To build a better parent-child relationship, parents are caring about the children’s condition. You are also encouraged to care about your own condition - connecting your feelings first when an earthquake happens in your brain.

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