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How to calm the lower (emotional) half of the brain?

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

We introduced how the brain works last week. You may review the article here.

By reducing the use of the 4Ds, we can calm the lower (emotional) half of the brain. Also, empathic listening can also enhance the sense of safety when you communicate with your children.

If you are curious about how empathic listening works in daily life – please take a look at this video!

Some key take-away:

1. Expressing acceptance

When listening to your children’s sharing, try to put aside your own thoughts and understand your children first. “Can you tell me more?” “Would you like to share more?” Your expression of acceptance will encourage your children to share more.

2. Sharing by repeating

If you wish to respond, you can try to repeat what your children said objectively without adding in your opinion. “I heard that you talked about …, right?” This will help your children to organize their experiences and thoughts.

3. Understanding by asking

When you feel your children become calmer, you can try to understand more about their feelings and needs. “Are you feeling …? Do you need…?” Check your understanding with your children. This would help you to give more suitable support for them.

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